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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!
Happy May Day! How can it already be May 1st? This year is zipping past in record time. I thought it was just winter, then I blinked and it was spring, blinked again and May Day! Maybe I should stop blinking?

May Day was extra special when I was growing up in southern California. In grammar school days we would make colorful paper baskets and flowers out of construction paper. Then we would bring those artistic treasures home to our mothers. None of my paper flower baskets remain from those long ago years. So I am guessing my mother never saved them.

Now the best part of May Day was on the way home from school. My best friend, Debbie, and I would pick flowers from neighbors' yards all the way home. A pink rose here, a daisy there, whatever happened to be blooming at the time.

Have a Hoppy Day!
Looking back on it, I still wonder that the neighbors never got mad about that. But Debbie and I were both pretty cute way back then, so maybe that helped? We also weren't greedy and only took a flower each from each of the yards.

I remember one white haired "old" (yes, we considered her old) lady standing on her front porch smiling at us. Well, the end result is that we'd bring a tiny bouquet of real flowers home to our mothers on May Day. Maybe that's why the paper flower baskets weren't all that important?

My wish to all my fellow readers, authors, friends and family is for a Happy May Day! I have to confess, I have an inkling to walk through my neighborhood and pick some flowers here and there. Only I don't think the neighbors would be all that accommodating to have an "old" lady picking flowers from their yards.

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