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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pensacola Beach Waves Goodbye to Tropical Storm Debby

Pensacola Beach, June 25th
I ventured out to Pensacola Beach today to take some "day after" photos of Tropical Storm Debby.

The beach was beautiful. Huge white and gray clouds interspersed with cerulean blue skies. The surf was quite calm compared to yesterday. The winds came in gusts. It was obvious that Tropical Storm Debby is still out there in the Gulf, way off in the distance, sucking moisture from our part of Florida and dumping rains in the rest of the state. But here on the western end of the Panhandle the storm is pretty much over, at least for today.

The west end of Pensacola Beach.
I love watching storms, so I must say I was a bit disappointed that our tropical storm is already winding down. On the other hand, I think it's best for the storm to fizzle out to nothing and go on it's way without causing any more damage.

The Florida Gulf Coast suffered pounding surf, flooding rains and waterspouts. The rest of the state suffered a deluge of rains, tornadoes, damaging winds and power outages. Well, that's quite enough from one storm, thank you very much.

The clouds are still pretty dark to the SE.

Listening to the weather reports, the center of Debby is still stalled out in the Gulf, south of Apalachicola and west of Tampa/St.Pete. Though it's possible the storm can wind back up and take off like a top to a landfall anywhere along the Gulf Coast, it will hopefully die out and go away.

Since this is Hurricane Season, I imagine we'll have more tropical storms heading our way in short order. For now, it's the perfect time to enjoy the beach.

The pier at Pensacola Beach.

Just before posting this I listened to the latest weather report. The Florida Gulf Coast, from Destin east and south is still under a Tropical Storm Warning. So even though our part of Florida is in the clear for now, the rest of the state is still being effected by this storm.

I'll venture back to the beach tomorrow for more pics if there are any changes. In the meantime, check out my next post, "Hunks of Pensacola Beach" for the cute/hunky guys I met on the beach today. Girls, you won't want to miss that post. Just sayin'...

The Pensacola Beach water tower.

Looking at these pics as I'm putting together this post, I can see the sky was still pretty stormy this morning. Obviously, the remnants of Tropical Storm Debby are still out there.

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