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Monday, March 11, 2013

Arts Festival in Gulf Breeze - Part 1

Mixed media paintings by Indiana artist, Susan Kline.

This past weekend was the arts festival in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Now I love all kinds of art, so I always look forward to the arts and crafts festivals that coincide with Spring Break. I love seeing the variety of art: paintings, ceramics, pottery, mosaics, glass-art, jewelry and more. This festival had it all.

In honor of the wonderful artists I met and their work which I admired, I've decided to do a series of posts this week with photos of some of their art.

Mixed media painting by artist Susan Kline.

For those who love arts festivals, see the links below. Many of these artists will be at the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival this coming weekend.

Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts - March 9th & 10th

Fairhope - Eastern Shore 61st Annual Arts and Crafts Festival - March 15th to 17th

Be sure to check the Gulf Breeze link above for upcoming arts festivals.

I decided to start this post with the colorful mixed media paintings by the Indiana artist, Susan Kline. When I talked to Susan she graciously allowed me to take a couple photos of her paintings to post on this blog.

I told Susan that I love her bright, cheerful paintings which made me smile just to look at them. Susan said her art is mixed media collage with paper and paint. She forgot to mention all the love that obviously goes into each of her pieces of art.

Be sure to check out Susan Kline's Facebook Fan Page at: Susan Kline Designs - on Facebook

Paintings by Gulf Breeze artist, Holland-Doyle.

I absolutely loved the paintings by Gulf Breeze artist, Holland-Doyle. She says her paintings are acrylic and mixed media. I'll add that she's a lovely person to talk to and her Florida beach, pelicans and other sea life paintings are simply wonderful.

Holland-Doyle doesn't have a website, but you'll be able to see her paintings at the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival as well as other local arts festivals.

Ceramic Sculptor, Richard White, and his whimsical cars.

Ceramic Sculptor, Richard White, was a joy to talk to. He explained that his sculptured whimsical classical cars are named after people he met through the years. So each of his cars has a story behind it.

You'll definitely want to talk to Richard to get the scoop on his colorful, fun art.

Check out Richard's website at: Richard White - Ceramic Sculptor

A close-up of Richard White's prize whimsical Woody.

Richard had a fun story to tell about this red, green and yellow Woody. It's named after a cheerleader he admired from afar in high school.

For the rest of the story you might want to email Richard at:

There were so many great, fun, wonderful artists at the arts festival. I'd like to include them all in today's post, but there are way too many of them for one day. So please check back throughout the week for more info and photos on these awesome artists.

A special thanks to the artists for agreeing to be included in this post.

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