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Friday, May 24, 2013

Party Time on Pensacola Beach

Party time on Pensacola Beach.

This being a holiday weekend and all, it's party time on Pensacola Beach. The weather is gorgeous, in the mid 80s to low 90s with a light gulf breeze, warm emerald waters and gentle surf.

The west end of Pensacola Beach looking east.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, so we spent a few hours on the beach. We prefer the far west end of Pensacola Beach where there are fewer people.

However, for those who want to party, there are always groups of beach goers near the Pensacola Beach pier and near the lifeguard tower on the west end beach near the pavilions.

The west end of Pensacola Beach looking west.

Yesterday there were only a few puffy clouds way off to the west. This afternoon the clouds are building up, but there's still plenty of sun shining through.

I'm not much into crowds, so I prefer a spot where's there are almost no people.

I took these photos yesterday, one showing a party crowd and the other two photos taken from my favorite part of the beach with only a scattering of people. Even on a holiday weekend like this one, there are wide open spaces on Pensacola Beach.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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