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Friday, September 9, 2011

What Do You Like To Read?

Everyone has their own favorite genre of books they like to read. Sometimes that never changes and the reader sticks to the same type of books over and over again. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with that. Reading is a very personal thing and we all read what we like the best.

Others read a variety of books. I fit in that category. I read everything. Sometimes I get on a kick and read all I can get in a particular genre or subject. Yet my reading is often as changing as the weather and is maybe even influenced by the weather or the seasons. I love history so I read a lot of non-fiction history books, but at the same time I read a lot of historical fiction. Then again, I'm always a fan of contemporary fiction, romantic suspense, mystery/romance, paranormals, chick lit and even suspense/thrillers.

So now that Halloween is approaching I'm reading Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Novels, starting with "Dead Until Dark." I read that one on my Kindle and finished it last night. What a great read! Of course, I'm a "True Blood" fan on TV, so it's about time that I read the books.

I read a lot of books on my Kindle. Some of the ebooks are by new indie authors. I love finding a new author to add to my favorite authors' list. A few indie books that I've read recently are "Eyewall" by H.W."Buzz" Bernard, "Murder on the Rocks" by Karen MacInerney, "Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine" by Marcia Lynn McClure, "Hot Tea" and "Sweet Tea" by Sheila Horgan, "Wading Home" by Rosalyn Story, "A Little Death in Dixie" by Lisa Turner and "Love at First Flight" by Marie Force. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of those books and recommend them all.

I'm usually reading more than one book at any given time. Always a history book, a paperback novel and something on my Kindle. I never leave home, even for a short excursion, without either a book or my Kindle. So I can honestly say I'm addicted to books.

When I used to live in Las Vegas, which which several years ago, I was a member of the "Cactus Rose" Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Then three of us broke off from "Cactus Rose" and started our own independent writers' group, "Desert Rogues." An assortment of writers came and went, but eventually there were four of us who stuck it out. Two of the four have gone on to be very successful writers: Ruth D. Kerce, who writes paranormal and contemporary erotica, and Michele Bardsley, who writes paranormal urban vampire books and romantic comedy.

Ruth Kerce's two latest short story erotica indie books are "Into the Storm" and "G-String Gentleman." Both are really fun to read if you're into something hot, hot, hot. Ruth also writes for Ellora's Cave and Changling Press. Her books are available online via Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, etc. and at bookstores everywhere.

Michele Bardsley's latest book, "Must Love Lycans" is a new Signet release. It's the latest in her Broken Heart Vampires Series. Michele's books often hit the best seller lists and are available both online and at bookstores everywhere.

Nancy Lynn, the third member of our "Desert Rogues" group, wrote "Whatever It Takes" which came out in paperback a few years ago. Nancy stopped writing for a few years, but I'm pleased to announce that she's back to writing again and "Whatever It Takes" will soon be re-released as an ebook. I'm looking forward to other books she'll be writing.

I was the fourth member of "Desert Rogues." I wrote "Outback Love" and "Firefall" but neither book was published back then. I was known as "The Queen of Partials" because I wrote the first 3-4 chapters of about a zillion books. I finally burned out and turned to painting, first acrylics and later oils. After painting well over 150 landscapes, still-lifes and a few figurative paintings, I finally burned out from painting. Though for several years my paintings were available and sold from art galleries in the Vegas area and in Florida.

Fortunately, with the ePub industry, I've been able to publish two of my books, "Outback Love," a contemporary romance novel set in the Australian Outback, and "Jetting Away," a short story prequel to "Outback Love." Both books can be read as stand-alones, but I like to think you'll want to read both. Retired now, I have lots of time to write. So one by one my books will be available online as ebooks via the usual venues: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Sony, Apple and Diesel. I hope that eventually some of my books will come out in paperback, but for now they'll just be offered as ebooks.

I'm currently working on "Moon Over Madness" a paranormal witch/vampire novella, which should be available by the beginning of October, in time for Halloween. I'm having a fun time writing that one. Half-witch, Chantel Deneuve, and vampire, Rio Martainne, have a very interesting relationship. My next book, "Murder on Sunday Beach," a cozy mystery/romance novel, is also in the works. Artist, Abby Love, and Deputy "Bo" Bodine are faced with solving a murder that has hit too close to home. This novel should be released  in early 2012.

I like to think you'll enjoy reading my books and will add my name to your list of favorite authors. I have lots of books that need to be written. So please keep checking back for my latest releases.

In the meantime, keep reading, both your old favorites and new authors like me. We authors have lots of stories to tell and need a bunch of dedicated readers to enjoy our books.

Many thanks to all my readers. Thanks for trying out a new and upcoming author.

I hope that in the comments section following that you'll mention books you've recently read and would like to recommend to others. We're all always looking for new books to read.

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