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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Inspiration of Spring

Easter Lillies on my Patio
The arrival of spring and with it more inspiration than a writer can ever dream.

Florida is known for its flowers, everything imaginable from camellias, azaleas, gardenias, jasmine, so many flowers I can't even name and wild flowers everywhere.

On my patio the Easter Lillies are blooming in a wooden wine barrel. The trellised patio is laced with wisteria. Jasmine blooms opened this morning. The air is fragrant with their scent.

A night of heavy rains and now the final drip, plop, drip. The sun is just starting to peak through the clouds. Birds are singing their varied melodies. Squirrels dart across the lawn searching for fallen acorns, of which we have zillions of acorns covering the ground.

As a writer, I draw inspiration and renewal from the flowers, rain, birds. It's a sense of "hope springs eternal."

What wonderful stories will pop into my head this season? Certainly ones of love, hope and dreams.


  1. Hi Teri, I love your blogspot. I just started one also, so I'm not sure how to manage it yet the way I'd like to. I love all your doggie pictures. Each one has a very special spot in our hearts. We are down to 6 mini long dachsies. But 2-3 probably won't live out the year; getting old sucks for dogs, too. Hugs, Nancy
    P.S. I've got your Jetting Away on my Kindle to be read soon.

    1. Nancy, thanks so much for commenting. Cool that you've started your own blog. I'm sure you'll have fun blogging. Also fun designing it. Yes, my dogs have all been very dear to my heart. I'm still mourning Maggie and Nikki. I know they were old, but it's still so hard to accept. So glad that Shani and Dude are a part of my life. Six dogs? What a wonderful doggie family. Enjoy every minute you have with them. Thanks too for adding Jetting Away to your Kindle. I hope you really enjoy reading it. Best wishes! Teri

  2. What a beautiful picture! I love the idea of growing lilies in a wine barrel. I have an old coffee barrel--remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :-) I'll have to try something in it.

    1. Ellis, thanks for the lovely complement. A coffee barrel sounds like a great place for flowers. You'll have to post a photo of it on your blog after you get it planted. In my opinion, you can never have too many flowers.


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