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Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Cats and Friday the 13th

Slick, the black cat with yellow eyes, on Friday the 13th
Another Friday the 13th and the issue of black cats. Well, I happen to love cats and think that black cats with yellow eyes are just plain cool. So I do not have a problem with the old "do not let a black cat cross your path" thing. I would be in a world of hurt, because a really gorgeous black cat with yellow eyes, by the name of Slick, lives right next door.

Now Slick has a very interesting story. As a small kitten he was rescued off a bridge in Key West by a tourist couple who decided to bring him back home to the Florida Panhandle. Slick lived in a nice quiet neighborhood and proceeded to make friends with everyone he met on his daily explorations. You see, Slick was allowed to roam the neighborhood and that's just what he did.

Well, some years back, about five years ago if I got the story right, Slick's family moved away and left him behind. That's when Slick adopted my next door neighbor, a really cool person who happens to love black cats. Slick is now an inside/outside cat in our cat-friendly neighborhood.

Now my dogs and I have been acquainted with Slick for the past three years, ever since we moved into the neighborhood, right next door. It's a daily thing for him to walk slowly across our front yard, he's on neighborhood watch, don't you know? He peeks in our front windows just to make sure all is well and to check up on my two dogs.

Shani, my ten year old, 85 pound Collie/Chow mix is not too keen on having Slick look in our windows. So the two have worked this out. From our living room, Shani ducks her head below the window sill and Slick looks inside. Then outside, Slick ducks his head below the sill and Shani looks out. It's pretty cute to watch. On the other hand, if Shani sees the cat out in our yard or, heaven forbid, across the street, then Shani has to bark at him. Still not sure if Shani is telling him, "Get back over here!" or "Go away!"

Dude, my year old, 106 pound, Retriever/Hound mix happens  to be "friends" with Slick. They've been practically nose to nose, Slick meows and Dude wags his tail, so I think that means they're friends. Dude never barks at Slick, though he does huff and puff when he see the cat across the street.

Now back to Friday the 13th. Supposedly bad luck can happen on this day. Personally, I haven't experienced any Friday the 13th bad luck that I can remember. "Knock on wood" that my luck continues along that path. I mean, I'm not expecting particularly good luck on this day, but I really don't need any back luck.

Slick crossing someone's path on Friday the 13th
One of my husband's sisters, he has five of them, used to pose for newspaper photos on Friday the 13th. She worked for the newspaper in our small California town and she was young and quite pretty. So she'd pose standing under a ladder on Friday the 13th. As far as I know, it never brought her any bad luck.

Some people make it a point of staying home on Friday the 13th. They're not taking any chances when that day comes around. As for me, I think I'll cut my losses and stay home today. Just sayin'...

By the way, I've heard that Slick is now 13 years old. So maybe today is his birthday? I imagine he'd like to celebrate it on Friday the 13th.


  1. Cute story Teri. You have to meet my female bob-tail cat Tiger. She is also an indoor/outdoor cat born in our garage - her mother a stray. Tiger catching and eats rodents, lizards and stuff and frequently barfs. Her famous story here is that our 95 year old neighbor moved to a nursing home a year ago - Dutch loved Tiger and welcomed her in her home and on her lap when she sat outside in her wheelchair. Since Dutch left a neighbor takes care of her empty house and often leaves the doors open to air it out. Well we missed Tiger for two weeks- checked the shelters and posted signs- then gave up. One day Dutch's doors were opened and Tiger walked slowly home - very skinny but not at all thirsty.She lived 2 weeks on toliet water.

    1. Poor Tiger, going through two weeks alone and with no food. So glad she made it out okay. What a great cat story.

    2. So happy Tiger made it thru her 2 week ordeal as well as she did. I believe my outdoor black cat, Kit Coley recently experienced a very similar experience. He had been missing for days & I was beginning to think the worst, as we live next door to several animal haters. Just as I was 6about to give up hope he reappeared. Extremely skinny but purring and famished as I prepared his meal. He's not ill but has lost a lot of weight. I wish he could talk to let me know exactly what had happened to him.

      About Slick, I'm so glad to read that you have wonderful neighbors who took him in when his previous owners did the unthinkable by moving away & leaving Slick behind. He sounds like he has the loving forever home all cats deserve. I like that at the age of 13 yrs that April 13 is a day we can both share as that is also
      my birthday. A perfect birthday for a black cat. And a little secret for Fri 13th's...they have always been days full of good luck. Slick I hope you have many more birthdays yet to come. I have a rascal of a cat who turned 20 in March.

    3. Mandy, I'm so glad your cat, Kit Coley, was okay. Cats are so inquisitive that it's easy for them to get locked into places. My mom had a cat named Kits who would disappear from time to time. It turned out Kits liked hiding in a box in the basement.

      As for Slick, he's a really cool cat. He has the run of the neighborhood and thinks he owns all of us. He makes his daily rounds to say "Hi!" Hopefully Slick will have a very long life.

      So cool that your birthday on April 13th was also Friday the 13th. Happy Belated Birthday! So cool too that you have a 20 year old cat. You must be a very good Cat Mama.

  2. Teri: What a great story, you have a knack for telling them and I love your style!


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