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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today at Pensacola Beach

Bright sun and blue skies today at Pensacola Beach.

Today I made a quick trip to Pensacola Beach. It was a hot, sunny day, at last. This summer has been a particularly rainy one with lots of cloudy beach days. So my last couple beach posts have included photos of gray, stormy beach skies. I couldn't resist taking a few sunny beach photos today.

A day of zero surf on Pensacola Beach.

I've lived in Florida off and on for over thirty-one years. In all that time, I remember most summers were hot, humid and full of sunshine. Today was a reminder of those days.

No, I didn't laze on the beach today. I was meeting some of my girlfriends at Flounders, a Pensacola Beach restaurant, for lunch. But I'll save all that for another post. After leaving the restaurant I just had to make a quick stop at the beach to take a few photos.

My favorite part of Pensacola Beach.

The tourist season is coming to a close here, so there were very few people on the beach. It was a day of flat blue Gulf waters with almost no surf. There was absolutely no breeze, so the heat was intense. I'm sure if I'd waded in the water it would have been the temperature of bath water.

Some hardy souls were working on a tan, while others stayed under beach umbrellas. Only a handful of people were swimming in the water.

Greetings from sunny Pensacola Beach.

A holiday weekend is coming up. The beach weather should be perfect. At least for those three days the beach will be packed with people. But for those who want the beach pretty much to themselves, just head to the far west end of Pensacola Beach. That's my favorite spot and even on the busiest of beach days there are very few beach goers there.

Hmm! I may just decide to visit the beach this holiday weekend. Sun, sand and warm Gulf waters. Ahh, that's my idea of paradise.

Pensacola Beach is waiting for you. So y'all come visit sometime soon.


  1. So beautiful! It doesn't even look real! If I had the means, I'd fly over right now :)

    1. Hi J.A. Pensacola Beach is really beautiful. The sand is sugar-white and the water a turquoise emerald green.


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