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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Beach Houses on Pensacola Beach

Pastel colored beach houses on Pensacola Beach.

I happen to love the beach houses on Pensacola Beach. I love the pastel colors, all those balconies, lots of windows, and the awesome views of the sugar-sand beach with it's turquoise-emerald waters.

I love this one, it's one of my favorites.

I always enjoy driving by the beach houses, which, it seems, are much too big to be called beach cottages. I'm always thinking, if I could just win the lottery I'd buy one. But then I rarely play the lottery, so how could I possibly win?

Then I start calculating how many of my books I'd need to sell in order to buy one of those beach houses. And then I realize that it would take me about two hundred years or more to make enough money to buy one. But then I dream about owning my very own beach house anyway, because, you know, a girl has to dream.

I love this one too.

I live only a couple miles inland from Pensacola Beach, just the other side of the beach bridge. So I'm not all that far away. My house is minuscule in comparison and doesn't have a beach or water view. Ah, well. At least I live close enough to visit the beach whenever I want. So I can drive by those beach houses and pick out my favorite, which changes from time to time.
And I love this one.

At least for now, the brighter pink one is my favorite. I thought it was so cool when I took these latest photos and realized that the pink house had this unique cloud just overhead. The cloud looked like an arrow and pointed directly at MY pink house.

And I love this one.

No, I don't know who owns any of these houses. Some belong to year-around residents, others are vacation homes and some are beach rentals. All the ones in these photos are located right across the street from the beach.

Gee, and I love this one too.

Now if someone wanted to give me one of  those houses, well, I'd take any one of them. But for now, the brighter pink one, as opposed to the pale pink one, is my very favorite. Then again, tomorrow I may have a different favorite one.

My favorite pretty pink beach house.

I've always wanted to live in a pretty pink house. Don't ask my why. I mean, I've dreamed about a pink house since I was a little kid. So, who knows, maybe someday I'll have one of my very own?

So, which of these beach houses is your favorite?

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