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Monday, August 29, 2011

What to Write?

What to write? This is a big question for all writers. Of course, we write what we personally enjoy. That's a given. But often that isn't what others want to read.

I've been studying the book market. Paranormals are big, I mean really big. Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and others I still know nothing about are more popular than a sweet romantic comedy or a historical romance.

How many times have I heard the words, "Write what you know." Duh! Then my writing, and the writing of so many other authors, would be sooooo boring. Personal experience is limited, so the corresponding fiction would also be limited.

Write what you love? I love dogs, horses, travel, family, friends, laughter. That sounds like romantic comedy to me. Do I write that? I guess I do. My contemporary romance novel, "Outback Love," and my short story prequel, "Jetting Away," can be considered romantic comedy. So do I keep writing in that genre?

I love romantic/mystery/suspense. In fact, I read a lot of books in that genre. So is that what I should be writing? I guess that's why I'm working on "Murder on Sunday Beach" at this time. I find it difficult to write about blood and gore, so mine is more of a cozy mystery. Will others want to read it? I certainly hope so. Abby Love has so much promise. She's trying to get by in the world. Trying too to hold her sometimes loving, sometimes crazy, often dysfunctional family together. Can she keep her sister, Chelsea, out of jail? Chelsea has been a challenge since day one, when she entered this world, and Abby feels totally responsible for her actions. It doesn't help that Deputy Chase Bodine keeps getting in the way. Of course, Abby doesn't mind looking at Chase, he's a sight to behold. No, Abby doesn't mind looking at Chase, but she sure as heck doesn't want to be confronted and dogged by him. Chase has an attitude and an agenda, both of which conflict with Abby's struggles to hold her small world together. Well, it goes without saying that I will finish writing "Murder on Sunday Beach," the first in my Abby Love Mystery Series.

Now comes another question. Will I write something that would be daring and edgy for me to write? Something so not me? Yep, I'm doing just that. Chantel in "Moon Over Madness" has come charging onto the scene. Chantel is struggling to deny her genetic inheritance. After all, she's only half a witch, from her mother's side, and half what else? Normal? Not exactly! But her college professor father certainly doesn't fit into the witches and warlocks category. So who or what is he? Chantel never wanted to know about that side of her genetics until now, when it matters. The answers are threatening the welfare of those she holds closest to her heart. Then there's the problem of her neighborhood going downhill, big time. What with the new crowd who's moved in, witches next door and vampires down the street. Yep, the neighborhood is going downhill.

As for the question, what to write? I guess I'll write everything I can think of. And the characters who pester me the most will get their book(s) out there first.

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