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Friday, June 7, 2013

Joe Patti's - A Pensacola Icon

The Captain Joe and Joe Patti's Seafood.

I love seafood, so it's not surprising that Joe Patti's is one of my favorite places in Pensacola. Shrimp, grouper, oysters, red snapper. Ahhh, I could go on and on. Joe Patti's is the place to buy any kind of seafood you can imagine. Then take the purchases home and cook up a storm.

You can't miss the Joe Patti's sign.

I'm lucky in that my husband is the chef in our household. Oh, I can cook alright, but I don't particularly enjoy it. My spaghetti and lasagna is fabulous. Yes, ask anyone who has eaten one or the other. But my husband can cook anything and give it a 5-Star rating. His fried oysters, grilled grouper, etc. are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

You can buy all kinds of yummy goodies at Joe Patti's.

Joe Patti's is more than just seafood. They have everything there, from deli meats and cheeses to yummy bakery goods to sauces, wines, souvenir t-shirts and hats, and a whole bunch of other stuff too. It's one of those places where you want to wander around and look at everything and then you'll want to buy.

Joe Patti's Memorial Reef Project.

On Wednesday I went to a Red Hat Ladies luncheon at NICK'S Boathouse. You can check out my previous post for more about that outing. Anyway, after a yummy lunch, some of us Red Hat Ladies went over to Joe Patti's.

Metal Art on Joe Patti's Memorial Reef.

One of the things we went to see is Joe Patti's Memorial Reef Project. The barge reef, which is adorned with lots of cool Metal Art, will be sunk offshore as a fishing and diving reef. If you get a chance, be sure to check out Joe Patti's Memorial Reef in its temporary location moored behind Joe Patti's Seafood.

Blue Angels Metal Art on Joe Patti's Memorial Reef.

Here's the link to: Joe Patti's Seafood

A little info on Joe Patti: Joe Patti - Pensapedia

If you want to read more about Joe Patti's Reef:

The Joe Patti Memorial Reef - Pensacola News Journal

Joe Patti's Memorial Reef 2013 - YouTube

Joe Patti Reef Project - WEAR ABC 3 TV

Before I forget, when you visit Joe Patti's you might want to eat at Captain Joey Patti's Seafood Deli. You're sure to find something yummy to eat.

Captain Joey Patti's Seafood Deli - Menu

Now my stomach is growling. How about yours?

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