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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Beachin' Birthday

Me celebrating my birthday on Pensacola Beach.

I'm not much into birthdays. In fact, I don't care for birthdays at all. However, since birthdays come and go, there's not much I can do about having another one.

My grandson asked me not too long ago, "Nana, are you old or are you really old?" Hmm! Not much of a choice. I'm not old enough for Social Security so I said, "Just old." I suppose there are worse things than getting older. Just sayin' ...

Looking south toward the squall line.

Well, today seemed like a good beach day. Cloudy, with only bits of blue sky showing through and a temp in the low 80s. A tropical breeze was blowing in off the Gulf.

My husband and I spent only about an hour at the beach. The surf was a bit too rough for me. I prefer no surf, just flat emerald waters, so clear I can see the white sand and the tiny crabs and little fish. Today the water was dark green and churned up too much to see anything below the surface.

Even darker skies to the west.

I snapped a bunch of photos. To the south was a squall line of dark clouds and rain. To the west the clouds were even darker. To the east the sun was shining through the clouds and the surf was adorned with diamond sparkles. To the north the sky was cerulean blue with puffy white clouds.

The sun was shining through the clouds to the east.

We've been having a lot of stormy beach days lately. I love the tropical storm clouds and the fact that the beach is almost empty those days.

On non-stormy days Pensacola Beach is packed with summer tourists and the sugar-white sand is hot, hot, HOT. That's when the Gulf waters are turquoise and emerald green and feel like bath water.

Cerulean blue skies with puffy white clouds to the north.

The wind was picking up today and an extra strong gust sent our striped umbrella tumbling end over end down the beach. My husband had to sprint after the umbrella. That's when we decided it was time to pack up and head home. The squall line was coming in fast and it would be raining on the beach before too long.

Hemingway and a Corona with Lime.

Back at the house it seemed like the perfect time to sip a Corona with lime and read a little Hemingway. A Happy Beachin' Birthday to me!

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