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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zebras, Rhinos and Gorillas, Oh My!

Rwanda, the Lowland Gorilla at the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

What better way to start the Fall Season than a trip to the zoo? So that's just what I did today with my grandkids. The Gulf Breeze Zoo is small, but it's so much fun.

Gulf Breeze Zoo in Northwest Florida

Rhinos on the run. Where's the food?

It was raining off and on, so everything was pretty wet.

Today we got to see the Zebras and Rhinos being fed, along with Llamas, Ostriches and other zoo animals I couldn't even begin to name.

Zebras heading for brunch.

It was pretty impressive to see Rhinos on the run. I swear the ground was shaking underfoot. The Zebras also arrived at a run.

Chow time at the zoo.

I've never been this close to Rhinos and Zebras. I was definitely as awed as my grandkids.

Chow time. Do we have to share?

My grandkids kept saying, "Nana, take another picture." So that's just what I did. Lots and lots of zoo photos. I already have about a zillion zoo photos, but I can always take more.

The regal Silverback Gorilla.

Rwanda, the female Lowland Gorilla, was as photogenic as ever. The huge Silverback Gorilla was very regal. I tried to get some photos of Kigali, the baby Gorilla, but he was in constant motion and his photos were just a blur.

If you like zoo pics, be sure to check out my previous zoo posts. Also, since I have a one year zoo pass, I'll be posting more zoo pics from time to time.

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